Our People

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Iain Chalmers

Managing Director

Iain has overall responsibility for the Affinity companies as well as being the Accountable Manager for all of their activities regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.


Iain served as a pilot and Qualified Flying Instructor in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, during which time he flew fast jets and served as a Tornado GR4 Squadron Commander.


Since leaving the RAF Iain has established himself as an accomplished business leader across a range of service delivery projects both within and outside of the Defence environment.


“Supporting the MoD to deliver air capability in an effective and efficient way, and one that ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for students”

Defining Career Moment

“Being given the opportunity to lead Affinity. Building a company from scratch, and working with the great people in nit to define and deliver a culture that focuses on People and Performance is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity that rewards me personally and professionally every day.”


Grahaeme Colledge

Engineering Delivery Director

Grahaeme has responsibility for the safety and compliant delivery of all Affinity’s aviation engineering related services, particularly EASA Part 145, Part M, Part 147 requirements, modification/programme changes, AEA and IT/Information support.  He also acts an advisor to the MD/Accountable Manager for all engineering and air safety issues.


He served as an Engineer Officer in the RAF for 20 years, predominantly supporting the Harrier Force.  He also spent time at the Mechanical Systems Engineering Authority for the TriStar Air to Air Refuelling and Strategic Transport Fleet and was part of the Fast-Jet Operational Evaluation Unit, evaluating and introducing new weapons and electronic equipment to the RAF’s fast-jet fleets.

Grahaeme moved into the private sector in 2011 and has held a range of different roles supporting a range of aviation support contracts in both the military and civil sectors.


“To deliver the maximum number of safe and compliant air assets to deliver the UKMFTS’ training demand”

Defining Career Moment

“Delivering the Harrier fleet’s farewell to operational flights on 15 December 2010 as the Senior Engineer after such a close association with the platform over 20 years’ RAF Service’’   

Dror Schimmel - Bio Image

Dror Schimmel

Commercial Director

Dror has an overall responsibility to provide commercial leadership and governance, along with setting up and implementing Affinity business growth strategy.


With over 20 years of commercial management experience, mainly in the defence sector, Dror is overseeing Affinity’s commercial and supply chain activity to ensure an exceptional performance through a very complex contractual and regulative environment.


“Supporting Affinity and its shareholders to implement successful delivery of the UK Military Flying Programme, whilst paving the way for Affinity’s future growth”

Defining Career Moment

“Achieving the final RFTU (“Ready For Training Use”) milestone, after almost 10 years of being part of Affinity’s planning, negotiating and implementing team.”


Simon Usher

Finance Director

Simon has overall responsibility for the financial management and funding of Affinity’s operations, compliance with ethical standards, and statutory and regulatory corporate governance.


Simon is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the financial execution of PFI and other forms of financed projects across the defence, infrastructure and energy services sectors.


“Working in partnership with clients and customers to deliver projects with a successful outcome for all stakeholders, whilst ensuring a high degree of professional integrity and ethical compliance.” 

Defining Career Moment

“There’s been no single career defining moment, but I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with a number of start-ups. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a new business or project get off the ground. Having been involved with Affinity since shortly after contract award, I’ve seen the company grow from a handful of employees to our full operational contingent, the successful procurement of all the aircraft and upgrade of facilities, and commencement of full service delivery. Following the success of the mobilisation period, I expect Affinity to continue to grow from strength to strength going forwards.”

Alex Davison - Bio image

Alex Davison

Head of HR

Alex is responsible for providing the strategy on the people function for Affinity Flying Services. Fundamental to her role is the development of the company’s vision, culture and values through the development of talent acquisition and management including succession, learning and development, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, and financial planning of the department.


Alex has over 20 years’ experience working in a commercial environment, in her earlier career this was in large multinational organisations within the retail sector, however for the last 8 years she has been working for small to medium sized enterprises within the engineering and aviation environment.


Working across several industry sectors Alex has strategic and operational experience with a track record in developing, implementing and delivering organisational change programmes, talent management, succession and learning & development initiatives.


“Business and work is all about people. Products and brands can be replicated by others, how we get the best people for our company and how we do our best by them and for them makes all the difference. People will always be the most important and valuable part of a Company, ensuring that remains a key focus within our business is my motivation.”

Defining Career Moment

“My transition from operational roles into my first pure HR role, providing the opportunity for me to guide and influence people strategy; supported by a leadership team that believed in the importance and value of people within a company. Together we developed an HR department from nothing to a high functioning department that delivered organisational change and efficient transactional processes. It was this role that provided the platform for me to achieve so much more.”

Iain Chalmers

Iain Chalmers

Managing Director

Iain has overall responsibility for the delivery of all elements of Affinity Flying Training Services work within the UK Military Flying Training System.

After serving as a pilot and flying instructor in the RAF for 22 years, Iain has established himself as an accomplished and successful commercial leader across a range of service delivery projects both within and outside the defence environment.

Having joined the RAF in 1985 and started his career flying Buccaneers, Iain’s final role was as Squadron Commander at RAF Lossiemouth, responsible for undergraduate and post graduate training of all Tornado GR4 aircrew.

Motivation: “Supporting the MoD to deliver air capability in an effective and efficient way, and one that ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for students.”

Defining career moment: “Every time a student graduated from the Tornado Operational Conversion Unit, it was a reflection of the quality and effort of everyone in the training pipeline. Being given the opportunity to make this a better and more efficient experience for all those now involved in the pipeline makes me both very proud, and determined to do my best every day.”


Scott Vaughan

Head of Airworthiness

Scott has overall responsibility for the delivery of all Airworthiness aspects of Affinity Flying Training Services.

Prior to joining Affinity, Scott consulted and advised both military and civil aviation organisations internationally on matters across initial and continuing airworthiness, including Flight Testing, Type Certification, Regulatory harmonisation and organisational approvals. Scott’s early career was spent flight testing civil and military rotorcraft. Recent appointments have seen him seconded to organisations engaged on military projects both home and abroad in roles including Chief Engineer and Head of Airworthiness.

Motivation: “Delivering airworthy capability to the training task.”

Defining career moment: “Every time a sortie or flying task is completed safely through the hard work and diligence of aircrew and ground-crew working in collaboration to achieve a common goal.”