About Us

We support UK military air capability by playing a key part in the seamless progression of pilots through flying training.

About Us

Affinity supports UK military air capability by playing a key part in the seamless progression of pilots through flight training.

Under a landmark partnering programme with the Ministry of Defence, Affinity supplies and contracts to Ascent Flight Training to support three fleets of aircraft within the Military Flight Training System (MFTS).


The Grob Prefect 120TP

The Embraer Phenom 100

The Beechcraft Texan T-6C


We support a training pipeline that is more modern, effective and efficient. As a result, UK military aircrew will be better prepared for duty. Through technical advancement and commercial innovation, we deliver aircraft to match the training needs of the next generation on the frontline.

Key Facts

Affinity is a key partner in the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS), which provide a modern, collaborative, and streamlined flying training solution replacing separate fixed-wing and rotary training programmes for the RAF, Royal Navy and Army Air Corps.

Affinity is an aircraft supply and support organisation. Our core capabilities are: aircraft solution & design, airworthiness & maintenance and training.

In a 17-year partnership, Affinity will support the fixed-wing element of MFTS for elementary flying training, basic flying tasks, and multi-engine training.

A trio of new aircraft types have been selected and mobilisation has started; 38 aircraft have been delivered in a phased approach.

Our teams manage and maintain the fleets at RAF Barkston Heath and RAFC Cranwell in Lincolnshire, and RAF Valley in North Wales – enabling circa 21,000 hours a year of training across the three platforms.

Delivering significant benefits

Less delays – Affinity selected three complementary aircraft types to enable pilots’ seamless progression through a coherent, more joined-up training pipeline

Aircrew set up to succeed – modern, digital cockpits create a more realistic training environment, reflective of the frontline, exposing students to the technologies relied upon at the operational level

Faster track training – anticipated through improved availability of aircraft, generated by a step-change in turnaround, scheduling and fleet management

A value for money, low risk solution

We selected ‘off the shelf’ aircraft requiring minor modifications, to provide a low risk, affordable solution with an assured airworthiness and delivery schedule

Maximised opportunity for download – transferring training sorties from more advanced, higher cost aircraft to our more cost-effective aircraft

Aircraft enabled for the future due to advanced training technology

Our Aircraft

Find out more about our three aircraft types: the Prefect, Texan and Phenom.

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