Earlier this week the first fully built Beechcraft Texan T6-C for Affinity took to the skies on its maiden flight, complete in military livery . The aircraft undertook testing of all control surfaces and systems on board to ensure it is fit and ready for the demanding task of military flying training. Iain Chalmers, Managing Director of Affinity, said “The flight of our first Texan is a significant milestone in our programme, with all 3 of our new aircraft now having flown, and the organisation now working up to service delivery in July of this year. We look forward to seeing all of our aircraft together for the first time at RIAT in just a few weeks, and encourage visitors to the show to come and see our stand”.

T6-C maiden flightThe Texan T6-C showing off its military livery during its maiden flight

The Texan T6-C on successful return from its maiden flight