Tech Spec

The Grob 120TP is a side-by-side two seat training aircraft powered by a Rolls Royce M250 turboprop engine. The 456hp engine can accelerate the aircraft to a top speed of 245 knots (282 mph) and to a maximum altitude of 25,000ft thanks to a lightweight composite body tipping the scales at less than 1,100kg (empty weight). Designed to the latest safety standards, it provides benign flying behaviour for ab initio students, and progresses to handle spinning, stalling and aerobatic manoeuvres. The airframe can sustain G forces from -4G through to 6G.

What students learn

The first step on the ladder for all students entering the UK Military Flying Training System, it teaches:

  • fundamental principles of flight
  • how to deal with emergencies
  • aerobatic manoeuvres
  • flying in multi-aircraft formations
  • aircraft captaincy
  • basic radio procedures
  • Rear Crew Training
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