Basic flying training (BFT)

Known as The Texan, this is the latest version of the world’s most successful BFT aircraft, with proven excellence, versatility, value and an excellent safety record.

Tech Spec

The Beechcraft T-6C is a tandem two seater fighter-training aircraft powered by a Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop engine. The 1,100hp engine can generate a top speed of 316 knots (364 mph) and reaches a maximum altitude of 31,000ft. As a fighter-trainer, it uses a heads up display (HUD) and is fitted with ejection seats in case of emergency. The aircraft can sustain G forces from – 3.5G to 7G, enabling the practice of combat manoeuvres such as high banking turns and tail-chasing techniques.

What students learn

This aircraft will be flown by pilots selected for combat air roles, as the next step on the ladder to an operational flying squadron. Pilots will learn:

advanced radio procedures

advanced principles of flight

how to operate in a combat environment

evasive manoeuvres

flying in combat formations

development of aircraft captaincy