How We Work

As important as what we do at Affinity, is how we do it. The values and culture we promote play a key part in creating the training environment in which student pilots can excel at what they do.

How We Work

One element transcends all others in our culture: safety. We ask, and expect, everyone to take a personal responsibility in maintaining safety of flight, and safety of all our workers.


The values which define the way we do business are: to be safe, customer focused, respectful and transparent, to strive for excellence, and to seek to add social value.


We promote a just culture, where the virtues of honesty, openness and communication are deeply embedded into our every day.


We are a forward thinking organisation and strive for innovation, continuously looking for new ways of delivering our promises.


Finally, we work in true partnership with our customers and our clients to ensure we always match, and whenever possible, exceed their expectations.