UKMFTS 600 Day 6 – Bridgewater to BRNC Dartmouth

UKMFTS 600 Day 6 – Bridgewater to BRNC Dartmouth

With intense thunderstorms looming in the afternoon, the UKMFTS 600 team set off early in an attempt to beat the worst of the weather to BRNC Dartmouth. After skirting the edges of the Quantocks and crossing the Blackdown Hills, the route headed south into Devon and down the coast to the east of Dartmoor. A brief lunch stop in Dawlish provided welcome relief when we found the town fete to be in full swing, so we took the opportunity to take to the stage with the Mayor of Dawlish to spread the word about UKMFTS and our charity ride (, before completing the remainder of the continuously hilly route under an ever-darkening sky. Today’s ride covered 79 miles, up 1,584m and took 4 hours 41 minutes, bringing the total to 556 miles, up 8,958m and 32 hours 14 minutes.UKMFTS 600 team pushing on across the Quantocks

The UKMFTS 600 team push on across the Quantocks – a taste of the hills to come!

UKMFTS 600 team with the Mayor of Dawlish

The Mayor of Dawlish joins the UKMFTS 600 team on the stage

Smiles all round with one more day to goA happy arrival into BRNC Dartmouth at the end of the day