What We Do

Delivering significant benefits

A more effective and efficient MFTS

Less delays – Affinity selected three complementary aircraft types to enable pilots’ seamless progression through a coherent, more joined-up training pipeline

Aircrew set up to succeed – modern, digital cockpits create a more realistic training environment, reflective of the frontline, exposing students to the technologies relied upon at the operational level

Faster track training – anticipated through improved availability of aircraft, generated by a step-change in turnaround, scheduling and fleet management

A value for money, low risk solution

We selected ‘off the shelf’ aircraft requiring minor modifications, to provide a low risk, affordable solution with an assured airworthiness and delivery schedule

Maximised opportunity for download – transferring training sorties from more advanced, higher cost aircraft to our more cost-effective aircraft

Blended live/virtual training – increased use of synthetics due to advanced simulation possible provides another time and cost effective benefit