100 Years – Duty Carried out

100 Years – Duty Carried out

This year commemorates and celebrates the centenary of No 3 Flying Training School (3FTS) at RAFC Cranwell and in its honour a portrait has been commissioned by aviation artist Ronald Wong named ‘100 Years – Duty Carried out’.

The painting aims to capture the essence of 3 FTS both past and present, and the title is intended to have two meanings. First of all, it refers to a successful 100 years of carrying out our duty as a Flying Training School and, secondly, aims to reflect the eternal wish of the trainee aircrew to get those three letters ‘DCO’ written in the ‘auth sheets’ for each and every sortie, particularly for end of phase and end of course checks. Despite the many changes of aircraft, equipment and location over the years, fundamentally 3FTS does the same today that it did back in Apr 1919 when it was formed, which is to train the future aircrew of the UK Armed Forces.

Affinity Flying Training Services have supported the commissioning of the portrait and own the print until October 2023, where it will be presented to the Station along with the aircraft. The portrait will be displayed prominently at RAFC Cranwell and RAF Barkston Heath for many years to come as a reminder to those that follow in our footsteps.

On Tuesday 16th February, a small presentation was held at RAFC Cranwell, where Iain Chalmers, the Managing Director of Affinity presented the painting to Group Captain Jon Nixon, Commandant 3 FTS. The painting will be displayed in York House Officers Mess.

Image – Crown Copyright MOD RAF Cranwell 2021