Our Aircraft

Affinity puts today’s generation of student pilots at its core. We selected three aircraft types which complement one another, with greater consistency and commonality across all platforms, enabling the pilot’s seamless, co-ordinated progression through the training pipeline.

Seamless progression for modern pilots: our joined-up solution. The modern, digital cockpit in all three airframes provides a step-change in capability. It advances military flying training, bringing it in sync with the frontline, and exposes students at an early stage to the technologies they will rely upon at the operational level.

Grob 120TP

The Prefect

Elementary flying training (EFT)

Known as ‘The Prefect’ – in honour of the Avro single-engined biplane trainer used by RAF pilots before and during the Second World War – the Grob 120TP is the next generation elementary training aircraft.

Embraer Phenom 100

The Phenom

Multi-engine pilot training

Known as The Phenom, this is an ideal multi-engine trainer and replaces a leased fleet of King Air 200s.

Beechcraft T-6C

The Texan

Basic flying training (BFT)

Known as The Texan, this is the latest version of the world’s most successful BFT aircraft, with proven excellence, versatility, value and an excellent safety record.