100th MFTS EFT Student Graduates

100th MFTS EFT Student Graduates

Congratulations to Fg Off James Bell who on the 18th September became the 100th student to complete Elementary Flying Training on the Grob Prefect. The mixed-profile sortie consisted General Handling, Navigation and Instrument Flying around north Lincolnshire and the Trent valley, including a practice diversion to Coningsby.

Fg Off Bell said “the performance of the Prefect is enough to put a smile on any student’s face. Finishing EFT is a great milestone for me, and to be the 100th graduate is an unexpected, added pleasure.”

As part of the Military Flight Training System construct, Ascent Flight Training partner No 3 Flying Training School to deliver Elementary Flying Training (EFT) at RAFC Cranwell and Barkston Heath. Rolled out in 2017, the Grob Prefect which is supplied and maintained by Affinity has superseded the Grob Tutor as the primary Elementary Flying Training aircraft. It offers greater performance and glass cockpit avionics – reflecting cutting-edge front line aircraft such as the F35 Lightning and Atlas A400M.

The student will now be selected for either Multi Engine, Rotary or Fast-Jet training as the next stage of MFTS training, on his journey to earn his pilot wings, and progress to the front line.

Photo Credit Crown Copyright MOD RAF Cranwell.