Affinity are pleased to announce delivery of the fifth Embraer Phenom 100, which will be used to deliver Multi Engine Pilot Training as part of the future UK Military Flying Training System. The Phenom completed an 8,500nm journey from Embraer’s headquarters in Brazil to RAF Cranwell, where it will be based. Air Marshal Sean Reynolds, the Senior Responsible Owner of the UKMFTS Programme, was on board for the last leg from RAF Lossiemouth to RAF Cranwell. UK military pilots will learn the fundamentals of multi-engine flying on the Phenom before graduating onto their frontline squadron aircraft types. Utilising advances in modern avionics, the Phenom provides a significant step forward from previous training platforms, aligning training aircraft with the modern technology found in new frontline aircraft types such as the Airbus A400M and the Boeing Poseidon P-8.

Affinity provide the aircraft to support the fixed wing element of UKMFTS programme. These cutting edge aircraft are used as part of Ascent’s world class training solution to train the next generation of UK military.

2nd Phenom 15th August